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Open Source Quiz Application For Android

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Quizz'n is an open-source (GPLv3) quiz application. The current dataset is for world capitals, but it can also be easily adapted to work with language vocabulary learning as well, or other paired, categorized data that is worth learning. For some ideas on what might be worth doing with the codebase, see the Ideas Page. The repository contains the entire Eclipse (Windows) repository including manifest and other files necessary for the application to compile.

You can download the app from Google Play to see what the end product is like.

You can also see a version of the app being used with a Spanish-language dataset in the Quizz'n Spanish application.

The format of the quiz data can be seen in "res\raw\wordpairs". It is a CSV file, where the first two columns are the pair of associated datapoints (country/capital; or word/foreign-word), and the third column is the category.

If you create a deriviative work based on this, please bear in mind that you will also have to license it under the GPLv3. Please maintain the pop-up EULA notice on first install with credits/copyrights, GPL, limitation of liability, and implied warranty waiver.

If you have any questions about the application or how you can use it, please email me at

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